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Broward County Question Could be Easily Missed

sfl-mayo-children-ballot-2014 Broward County voters are cautioned to read their ballots carefully. The Children’s Service Council  ballot question is hard to find, and easily skipped, as it is placed beneath state Amendment 3 in the lower corner on the reverse side of page one.

There are FOUR items on the reverse side of page. If you are voting early with an absentee ballot and make a mistake, do NOT cross it out or use correction fluid. YOU CAN APPLY FOR ANOTHER ABSENTEE BALLOT, or vote at one of twenty early voting sites, or on Election Day, November 4.


October VOTER Newsletter

10-2014 VOTER

July VOTER Newsletter

7-2014 E-VOTER

LWVBC Opportunity Scholarship

Open to all Broward County High School seniors who plan to attend Broward College in the fall of 2014.

Requirements include admission to Broward College and essay responses to two civic duty related topics. (100 – 125 words each).


AWARD:                       $250.00

DEADLINE:                 April 15, 2014

Download Application HERE.

Mail completed application and both responses by April 15th

Scholarship dollars to be administered by Broward College.

Judicial Candidates

Judicial Candidates Qualify for August 14, 2012 Primary Election

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